If you are having any trouble with the game, then you can comment at the bottom. Also, if you are having any technical difficulties, then send an email at (hello @ describing your problem. For all other problems please post here freely.

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  1. I click on the red word trek to pay it and all I get is a totally black screen. Please fix this problem ASAP.
    Sincerely, Libby Cape

  2. Got a new problem- right in the middle of watching a video it goes back to the app screen- where all my apps are. I can’t even watch a video to get a hint. Please fix this. Libby Cape

  3. I’m on Yamu-28, With the words Dash,period,hyphen,and semicolon. I cannot figure out any solution to this problem.Please show me the pattern

  4. I was wondering when you were going to create a new level. I have made it through all animals and all the planets and I’m eager to start a new level

  5. I have been stuck on level 3 of parrot for days now as u can’t even get more than 2 words out. I do sapphire and sky then. It tells me to reset puzzle please help. Thanks

  6. My Word Trek app has gone completely blank. When I press WT icon to play, all that appears is a white screen. Can you fix this please. (I am on ‘deer’).
    Many thanks

  7. When are you able to get the daily quests? My husband is on level sheep – 10, and still does not receive the daily quests.

  8. Not able to solve Octopus – level 7. I received a puzzle bomb so I have the answers. I can spell out BARK two different ways but it tells me “Right word, wrong order” and to reset the grid and try again. However the other letters on the puzzle don’t fall in such away to correctly add the rest of words.

    • Solve the puzzle in this order: Paper, Wood, Bark, Leaf, Green, Brown, Tree, Plant. Let me know if you are still having trouble.

  9. Re: cyborg 7. I was getting exasperated trying to solve it, so I used ALL my coins. I know the first word you want is PHOENIX but it is impossible to get. Argh. What a waste of everything I had built up.

  10. I have been playing Word Trek daily since January 2016, and I always complete the Daily Word Quest. However, the Daily Word Quest on my Kindle Fire is still stuck on 11/15/16, so this is the second day I have not been able to access it. Please help! Thank you.

  11. You seem to be having a problem with the daily challenge when I completed each puzzle it does not move on I’m left with the final solved solution frozen on my screen. When I close the screen I can then reach the next puzzle then a repeat of above.

    Please solve this problem as I do so enjoy this game I have definitely become addicted to this game HELP.

  12. I am in crab and cannot form the words wire and gauze from the letter order which you have provided. Please revise your game board for this puzzle. I love this app and cannot proceed until this issue is fixed. Thank you.

  13. Am unable to send or receive coins. When it gets to “send” screen, I press send and rather than work as usual, it gets a red box around word send and nothing happens.

  14. I’m on level sea lion 7 and cannot receive coins or spins. Screen says I can only receive 50 coins per day and to try in a few hours. I have not received any in over 2 days. I can send

  15. When i hit a letter its doesnt show at the top of screen.. Seems as though its stuck again. Hint is blank also. Thanks.

  16. Lost all progress, was on astronaut, logged in with Facebook and Google play, now keeps sending me back to beginning regardless of logging out and in or reinstalling. Same on phone and tablet. Any ideas? Thank you

  17. I’m on “Cow – level 3” – and I know the first word must be “pharoah”, because I have “czar” as the 2nd word, and know the 3rd word is “monarch” and the 4th word is “emperor”. However, it keeps telling me that “pharoah” is incorrect. Help!!!!!!!!

  18. I have been trying all day to watch the videos to get the clues. They have been frozen for most of the day. Why is that? Whatever the problem I would like for you to fix it please. Thanks, Gail

  19. I cannot send or receive coins or spins. You fixed it once but it is not working again. I love the game but getting tired of the bugs.

  20. I am on koala 10….I know the words because I purchased tokins for spins. I cannot make the word mountain no matter how I try. I cannot go on any further. I would like a refund for my purchase. I will not be able to use the tokins since I can go no further. Very distressing!!

  21. Unfortunately the game is Frozen. Every time I tried to play it won’t let me play. I’ve been playing it for a long time now and I don’t like being stuck. How can I unfreeze it?

  22. At the end of 4×4 puzzles, I just get a blank screen when I click the app icon. Could you suggest a fix!

  23. I am playing crow level 6 I have all the words slipper moccasin shoe but sandle I cannot get because the letters left are sandla can you please fix this


  24. Giraffe level 1 is unsolvable. The letters don’t line up. You need to redo it, or I can’t move on to another game. Or is there a way to jump ahead?

  25. I really like the game but one of the games was unsolvable and the game made me blow through all the hints. Very disappointed. I was at a pretty high level in the 4000’s

  26. We are having trouble with Gladius 1, we can’t get the pattern for the words. We have the answers, but can’t figure out the pattern. Please help us with this

  27. Last night 22th Feb i was playing Honeybee level but in the morning whenever i keep open the game it gives a 1sec black screen and not opening the game. I tried the recent menu [the game is not open in the background].

    Steps i tried:
    1. Clear Data from Setting Apps.
    2. Clear Cache Data as well.
    3. Tried 5 time install [ try to play ] & uninstall.
    4. Inboxed Word trek facebook page.

    Device : OnePlus 3

    Thanks in Advance

  28. I am stuck on octopus -2 Ive tried doing the puzzle on the order its suppose to go but there is literally no way to make any word except bark and it makes me reset the puzzle everytime, not sure what to do

  29. I have all the words (below) for Orangutang 3 but have been stuck for days. What is the order of the words?
    The words are: Physics, force, mass, pendulum, prism, gravity.

  30. Have the same problem know all answers to gladius 5 plus, positive, minus, negative, balance, even but cannot get order in grid

  31. I’m stuck at alabaster 2. I know the first two answers are caterpillar and mosquito, but there isn’t a way for me to get to the letter p!

  32. cannot reach tech. Am experiencing constant tech difficulties.
    1. takes longer to load than other similar games
    2. does not respond soon enough nor does it complete the task when I drag letters to complete the word then goes to desktop
    3. Does not go to the letter boxes but freezes on the way to them; blacks out
    4. Does not allow the 2nd or 3rd word to complete; stops and goes back to desktop screen then blacks out.
    HELP! thank you for taking care of this asap. anna brennen

  33. I am on Koala Bear 5. I can not connect all the letters to make Bagpipes or Kilt. Dirk is obvious. help please

  34. My points dropped from 1100+ to 225??? What’s going on? I’m on same puzzle that I played yesterday, and there are no extra letters in place (translation-I did not accidentally hit the Hint button 30 some-odd times).

  35. OK, don’t know what’s going on, but now they’re back and have spins that weren’t there (and wouldn’t have been accumulated yet). I’m glad its fixed, but, you know, maybe if you, and everyone one else, weren’t so fixated on “improving” something that was fine to begin with, problems wouldn’t happen. Game functioned perfectly before this last new reformatting/upgrade.

  36. Click on game , red with W , yellow with w , then black . Posted this savourless days ago still no response

  37. cannot solve PONDER 30. there are no 8 letter words for this last puzzle that fit. IORT RDLR IAOO TAPP Need two 8 letter words

  38. I was playing as guest because I don’t have a facebook account but I had to change my phone and I can’t find the save game to put it on the new phone. Help ! Please ! I made it to Polar bear and it took alot of work. Thanks 🙂

  39. The daily quest answers haven’t been correct for the past several days. They don’t match up with the puzzles. I love the daily quests, but sometimes need a little help. Please resolve for us.

    Thank you!

  40. On Saturday the 18th March I had 700 coins on word trek and then suddenly yesterday I only had 90 is it possible to refund the coins as I’m very upset. Please can you sort this out for me

  41. Hi, I’m on Kabige-10 and my hint bar has stopped working completely. It’s not locked, doesn’t fill up, and doesn’t allow me to watch a video I uninstalled and reinstalled with still the same result. Please help!

  42. Mars 29 still awaiting how to put known words in proper order. Tried now every which way for many days. Is there a solution with setup presented?

  43. Hi, I have the Word Meter and use it to get hints. My friend installed the game but doesn’t have a word meter. Why do I get the word meter but they don’t? How can they get the word meter to appear?


      • Hi,
        My daughter and I love playing Word Trek. She has the Word Meter on her iPad though, but I don’t have it on either my iPad or my iPhone. Can you help please?

        Many thanks! 🙂

  44. I cant do octupus. The grid dont match the words. Paper wood bark leaf plant green tree brown. The eeeee are in the way grid does not make sense. Please help

  45. Thank you but it still does not solve the problem. You cant make the words and 3 is a diffrent game on youtube than the one iv got at 7.

  46. I’m on astronaut level 8 I know what all the words are but I can’t figure out what order they go in. It’s driving me crazy! Authority never seems to be able to be solved.

  47. How is it I have 25 ‘hints’ and yet I can only use 1,’spinning the wheel’ has no effect either,please sort it out!

  48. I am having a problem with Mars 1. I know all the answers, but it is impossible to get the word Bargain with the letters where they are. Can you help?

  49. When I get 2-3 words in then make a mistake it deletes the words I already have in correctly. I know it’s not supposed to do that. Help please

  50. I’ve got some rogue numbers come up on the puzzle screen, it won’t let me put any words in the grid it keeps deleting them, also it keeps switching off! It’s very frustrating!!

  51. puzzle starting with cames cannot be solved i know answers are cheese butter edamame and hummus but no way to solve keeps saying reset help!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Love this game but so stuck on this level – I know all the words but can’t line them up to get authority….

  53. I know the words for cyborg, level 8 – phoenix, Leviathan, unicorn, centaur, dragon – but cannot figure correct order to solve the puzzle.

  54. I am on koala bear 8 (eel, crocodile, frog). The letters are in wrong order to let me solve it so I am at a standstill!!

  55. Here is the puzzle. As you can see I can not solve this as it won’t let me. Once I put crocodile i cant complete frog as latters are in wrong order!

  56. I have been stuck on Orangutan Level 4 now for days. I know all the words
    Jungle Dense Green Vines Shrub & Rainforest but no matter which way I try I cannot solve this level. Can you give me a diagram of the correct letter order to choose or is there a way to get passed this level?

  57. I am on elephant 10. My old nexus 2012 takes ages to load the app so I would like to transfer the progress to a new tablet.
    I am not on Facebook. How do I transfer this information please?

  58. I was wondering where the progress is stored on the device as I would like to play the game on my new tablet because a Nexus 2012 takes a long time to load.
    I am not in Facebook and want to transfer my progress elephant 10

  59. I am on mercury 13 and I know all the words but can’t get them in the right order. I know sometimes it takes a while but this is different. It’s been weeks and 3 other people tried and they are experts in my opinion and still can’t get it.

  60. hello i am having a difficult time with word trek level 20 well that is what the phone says but i think it i s level 17 RELIABLE, CREDIBLE, DEPENDABLE, BELIEVABLE no matter what i try i just can not work it out any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

  61. Hello, I am on koala bear 5 (cassava, yam, squash). The letters are in wrong order to let me solve it. Help. Thanks in advance.

  62. Im stuck on Cyborg 9. Cant do the words. It is Deadline time release dates plan calendar. The one on youtube is a diffrent one.

  63. My 17yo. son just got a new Galaxy Note 4 (Android). The word meter has disappeared on the game on his new phone! He’s very dismayed!

    How may he get the word meter to appear again?

    I will be in exactly the same “fix” very shortly, as I also purchased a new Galaxy Note 4 at the same time and am about to get it hooked up to my phone number and discontinue service to my old phone. I really don’t want to be in this position of not having the word meter, if possible. I absolutely LOVE this game, but the word meter makes it possible to play successfully. I am in the New World and on Planet “Alpha”. I feel as though I have come too far to have the word meter disappear now! I really want to try to get to the end of the game, eventually! Thank you!

  64. VENUS
    “Count” is the first word and can be found in two places. Do not use “count” on the far right.

  65. Hello! My word meter has also disappeared! And I used to be able to access the daily quest archive but no longer. Is there a way to fix this?

  66. Have always played daily quest but since yesterday it is not working. Nothing happens when I tap on it!!!

  67. I am on genius level and crown where you earn points for each unique word discovered has disappeared. Is this meant to happen?

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