Word Trek 6×6 Answers

Here you can find all your Word Trek 6x6 answers, cheats, and solutions. Word Trek is a new and fun game by Playsimple. If you like crosswords, Sudoku, and Boggle, then you are going to LOVE this game. It starts off easy, but quickly becomes harder. If you are having any trouble, then checkout this page to get all your hint needs.

Here you can find all the answers for, octopus, dog, pig, elephant, whale, monkey, orangutan, average Joe, astronaut, genius, cyborg, and alien.


Word Trek randomizes levels for each player. To find your answers locate the first row of your puzzle.

A D F S  T Y ------ >  ADFSTY



Levels are ordered alphabetically.

ACLCE     Goat, Cow, Sheep, Horse, Buffalo, Chicken, Camel,

ADETE     Space, Universe, Meteor, Satellite, Asteroid,

AETYY     King, Crown, Throne, Power, Authority, Royalty,

AIRPO     Airport, Travel, Hotel, Vacancy, Destination,

ALIIF     Ranch, Cowboy, Horse, Stallion, Bulls, Sheriff,

ALNTE     Stage, Theatre, Comedian, Act, Plays, Interval,

ANIBN     Leader, Chief, President, Boss, Owner, Captain,

APNIK     Kayak, Boat, Raft, Canoe, Yacht, Ship, Submarine,

ASADE     Carnival, Feast, Masquerade, Stroll, Pomp, Joy,

ATYQN     Past, Present, Chronicle, History, Antiquity,

BMASW     Waltz, Fandango, Jive, Jazz, Salsa, Samba, Twist,

CCAEE     Donut, Mousse, Eclair, Toffee, Icecream, Scone,

CECEG     Rose, Card, Gift, Chocolate, Necklace, Earring,

CEHEL     Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Hexagon,

CGNCR     Suitcase, Backpack, Pillows, Torch, Clothing,

CHWGR     Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Phantom, Witch, Dead,

CNCIN     Kitten, Pup, Chicken, Piglet, Baby, Calf, Infant,

COAAE     Mittens, Apron, Knife, Spoon, Spatula, Hat, Cook,

DAWKY     Tomorrow, Yesterday, Calendar, Week, Date, Day,

DCRUS     Guitar, Bass, Drum, Vocal, Keyboard, Music, Band,

DNINS     Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Printer, Processor,

DSEEK     Profit, Loss, Shares, Debenture, Equity, Stock,

EAERT     Altitude, Atlas, Equator, Globe, Ocean, Ghetto,

EBBAD     Jab, Punch, Dig, Hit, Nudge, Lunge, Bump, Bunt, Blow,

ECRGN     Tapestry, Calendar, Painting, Poster, Sconce,

EERER     Student, Room, Table, Chair, Teacher, Wardrobe,

EERLN     Groom, Bride, Marriage, Merger, Alliance, Link,

EGLTT     Necklace, Ring, Diamond, Bracelet, Tiara, Gold,

EHICA     Yellow, Pink, Orange, Maroon, Black, White, Blue,

ELEIL     Sail, Mast, Bilge, Helm, Deck, Cabin, Hull, Fender,

EREIT     Science, Chemistry, Experiment, Laboratory,

ERETS     Jungle, Dense, Green, Vines, Shrub, Rainforest,

ESERE     Deadline, Time, Release, Dates, Plan, Calendar,

FARMP     Farm, Goat, Pig, Turkey, Pony, Tree, Countryside,

FGHOL     Doctor, Fever, Sneeze, Health, Gorge, Cough, Ill,

FIIIO     Spaghetti, Linguine, Rotini, Zitoni, Fusilli,

FNRHY     Money, Salary, Pay, Wealth, Property, Fund, Cash,

FRDRD     Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast, Forward, Record, Hear,

FSREN     Lamp, Flares, Candle, Lantern, Bulb, Fireworks,

GAYSS     Rides, Clown, Stilts, Games, Candy, Animals, Hat,

GCIYI     Balloon, Confetti, Candles, Party, Gift, Music,

GLLTR     Handball, Throw, Foul, Play, Referee, Time, Goal,

GONET     City, Town, Village, Country, Continent, State,

GTKBW     Prison, Warden, Bars, Crime, Key, Security, Thug,

HAMME     Hammer, Screwdriver, Drill, Pliers, Spanners,

HKLER     Cape, Hat, Hoodie, Laser, Hammer, Mask, Strength,

HOICS     East, West, North, South, Poles, Equator, Tropic,

HOTEL     Hotel, Guest, Bellhop, Luggage, Receptionist,

HRNLE     Mower, Thresher, Scythe, Plough, Baler, Lexion, , ,

IPGID     Daffodil, Tulip, Shamrock, Jasmine, Marigold,

IPOEN     Curtain, Table, Laptop, Monitor, Office, Chair,

ISLSW     Sole, Prawn, Crab, Octopus, Lobster, Shellfish,

IYEAD     Dreamland, Dystopia, Apocalypse, Imaginary,

KFEEA     Tuxedo, Cologne, Tie, Shoes, Cufflink, Aviator,

KNBEM     Summer, Heat, Sun, Beach, Sea, Drink, Swim, Breeze,

LDHER     Clay, Wheel, Needle, Knife, Brush, Mud, Calliper,

LELTT     Missile, Bola, Dart, Arrow, Bullet, Cannonball,

LERET     Granite, Marble, Slate, Mangerite, Limestone,

LIHCR     Glass, Wood, Metal, Fiber, Plastic, Paper, Cloth,

LIRST     Room, Duvet, Sheet, Pillow, Light, Setting, Rugs,

LKENY     Arch, Column, Attic, Chimney, Gazebo, Keystone,

LLCIC     Barbecue, Picnics, Reunion, Family, Baseball,

LLDPE     Trip, Downfall, Descend, Tumble, Drop, Plummet,

LRIUO     Phoenix, Centaur, Leviathan, Dragon, Unicorn,

LYAEL     Feline, Purr, Whiskers, Claw, Hairball, Sneaky,

MAEMA     Girl, Woman, Lady, Dame, Female, Miss, Gal, Matron,

MCMRE     Iron, Zinc, Copper, Titanium, Steel, Aluminium,

MNAOV     Apple, Avocado, Banana, Clementine, Mushroom,

MTSFT     Herd, Murder, Swarm, Nest, Flock, Colony, Cohort,

NEGNM     Evaporate, Freezing, Condense, Sublime, Melt,

NEIRR     Cacti, Vulture, Dry, Sandstorm, Mirage, Iguana,

NINAS     Water, Marine, Aqua, Tears, Saliva, Rain, Fluids,

NITEE     Prime, Zenith, Peak, Elite, Height, Perfection,

NLVES     Mountain, Hill, Valley, Plateau, Plain, Desert,

NOERA     Chef, Cuisine, Knife, Apron, Stove, Pan, Toaster,

NRFRR     Smell, Incense, Odor, Aroma, Stench, Fragrance,

NWDLN     Paper, Wood, Bark, Leaf, Green, Brown, Tree, Plant,

OJKGL     Book, Magazine, Catalog, Newspaper, Journals,

ONPAH     Monkey, Gibbon, Baboon, Gorilla, Howler, Chimp,

OONIL     Logo, Title, Banner, Website, Promotion, Build,

OTEEH     Flash, Camera, Negative, Photograph, Pose, See,

PMPMT     Physics, Pendulum, Force, Prism, Gravity, Mass,

PREER     Elevator, Stairs, Ladder, Crane, Escalator, Up,

RACQU     Racquet, Shoe, Shuttlecock, Net, Strings, Grip,

RETGE     Soup, Broth, Porridge, Oatmeal, Chowder, Gruel,

RFTCH     Mallet, Hammer, Club, Lath, Pick, Roofer, Scutch,

RKGKU     Taxi, People, Sidewalk, Building, Subway, Park,

ROIDA     Piano, Keyboard, Accordion, Carillon, Keytar,

RPHEO     Comma, Apostrophe, Hyphen, Period, Semicolon,

RPNLE     Silk, Nylon, Cotton, Spandex, Ramie, Polyester,

RPRBR     Judge, Doctor, Engineer, Painter, Plumber, Cop,

RRKNF     Gear, Belt, Button, Shaft, Crank, Motor, Ratchet,

RTMAY     Match, Game, Team, Spectator, Fanatic, Victory,

RTRNL     Inquiry, Lawyer, Convict, Jury, Trial, Adjourn,

RUAMI     Salt, Pepper, Chilli, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Mint,

RUERR     Bikes, Dirt, Cruiser, Scooter, Moped, Roadster,

RYEHL     Sesame, Parsley, Camomile, Chervil, Rosemary,

SFICH     Roots, Trunk, Stem, Branch, Leaves, Seeds, Fruit,

SNTFS     Brunch, Morsel, Supper, Breakfast, Snack, Dine,

SPEES     Circle, Radius, Diameter, Center, Sector, Loop,

SRASY     Horse, Saddle, Cowboy, Gunslinger, Spur, Lasso,

SRFSN     Romance, Fiction, Thrillers, Fantasy, Horror,

SYLSP     Exam, Test, Result, Syllabus, Grades, Pass, Fail,

TCRKA     Cheque, Draft, Cashier, Bank, Vault, Money, Safe,

THTPO     Bed, Mattress, Duvet, Pillow, Light, Sleep, Mood,

TNUGN     Shriek, Moo, Howl, Whistle, Groan, Grunt, Squeak,

TOURE     Clown, Juggler, Trapeze, Acrobat, Ringmaster,

TRNIR     Singer, Crooner, Diva, Musician, Voice, Artist,

TTDDE     Smooth, Rough, Hard, Soft, Cold, Hot, Heavy, Light,

TTRKD     Umbrella, Rain, Soaked, Downpour, Thunder, Wet,

ULTEL     Large, Medium, Small, Tall, Neutral, Short, Huge,

URBCU     Fly, Swim, Walk, Crawl, Run, Jump, Drag, Climb, Rush,

VANIL     Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Bluemoon,

VRRER     Election, Politics, Voter, Country, Minister,

WATPU     Giant, Beanstalk, Magic, Witch, Prince, Beauty,

WCTNA     Lab, Factory, Workshop, Plant, Studio, Atelier,

WSRSS     Coat, Jackets, Sweater, Mittens, Gloves, Scarf,

YNEER     Thin, Fragile, Slender, Skinny, Lean, Delicate,

YPYTI     Victory, Win, Trophy, Medal, Souvenir, Triumph,

YTPRR     Boundary, Horizon, Limit, Scope, Border, Range,

Word Trek 5×5 Answers

Word Trek

Here you can find all your Word Trek 5x5 answers, cheats, and solutions. Word Trek is a new and fun game by Playsimple. If you like crosswords, Sudoku, and Boggle, then you are going to LOVE this game. It starts off easy, but quickly becomes harder. If you are having any trouble, then checkout this page to get all your hint needs.

Here you can find all the answers for giraffe, cow, horse, donkey, rat, cat, lion, tiger, falcon, pigeon, crow, and parrot.


Word Trek randomizes levels for each player. To find your answers locate the first row of your puzzle.

A D F S W ------ >  ADFSW



Levels are ordered alphabetically.



ACKBL     Panda, Bamboo, Black, White, Wild,

ADLGB     Squad, Wing, Battalion, Brigade,

AEELK     Smart, Agile, Slick, Nimble, Keen,

AICHT     Silo, Trench, Tower, Store, Grain,

AKELE     Pancake, Bacon, Omelette, Juice,

AMNON     Idea, Spark, Flash, Notion, Dream,

ANCOB     Cannon, Bazooka, Catapult, Bomb,

ASOTB     Fig, Potato, Mushroom, Beetroot,

BEIUK     Nunchaku, Knife, Spear, Gun, Club,

BHSNE     Scrub, Bleach, Sparkle, Cleanse,

BOKDG     Peak, Climb, Mountain, Gradient,

BRIGP     Cabbage, Beet, Broccoli, Fig, Pea,

BUEOE     Ant, Beetle, Spider, Bug, Moth, Bee,

CEAPO     Father, Ancestor, Sire, Pop, Papa,

CRAOK     Priest, Monk, Cleric, Friar, Lama,

CREEP     Marker, Pen, Compass, Glue, Paper,

DAFRR     Chair, Table, Sofa, Shelf, Drawer,

DRDNE     Sword, Machete, Bayonet, Dagger,

EANAF     Scarf, Pashmina, Wool, Goat, Rare,

EDENR     Turn, Chance, Board, Dice, Winner,

EEEKP     Shark, Otter, Manatee, Porpoise,

EEQHN     Train, Queue, Chain, Series, Line,

EETTE     Knight, Horse, Mace, Lance, Joust,

EICER     Bizarre, Odd, Weird, Comic, Queer,

EIRBT     Note, Memo, Jotter, Quire, Tablet,

EMCKE     Cigarette, Match, Smoke, Cancer,

EMEDE     Strike, Enemy, Missile, Explode,

EMLED     Pot, Kettle, Stove, Steam, Dinner,

EPEVR     Corsair, Plunder, Pirate, Rover,

ERITR     Dog, Cat, Hamster, Spider, Turtle,

ERLME     Letter, Postcard, Mail, Message,

ESNRC     Farm, Chicken, Horse, Ranch, Barn,

ESRMO     Turquoise, Mineral, Gem, Opaque,

ETEES     Ripple, Gurgle, Splash, Trickle,

FDRNE     Canoe, Cabin, Lighter, Firewood,

HCROM     Pharaoh, Czar, Monarch, Emperor,

HEMSE     Edamame, Butter, Hummus, Cheese,

HNAKO     Torch, Padlock, Shoes, Bag, Chain,

HWEIN     Spook, Zombie, Brain, Halloween,

ICTNR     Memento, Reminder, Crest, Relic,

IOKEI     Shack, House, Condo, Igloo, Cabin,

ITOSL     Biscuit, Wheat, Digest, Oatmeal,

KLPNI     Cub, Calf, Piglet, Pup, Kitten, Kit,

KNTRB     Ace, Queen, Jack, King, Heart, Club,

KSTOR     Boiler, Oven, Heater, Kiln, Stove,

LANIR     Sandal, Shoe, Slipper, Moccasin,

LEOOR     Car, Wagon, Scooter, Motorcycle,

LETPE     Sickle, Curve, Reaper, Crescent,

LLKNG     Cricket, Swimming, Basketball,

MARCD     Clam, Squid, Snail, Lobster, Crab,

MGEEE     Tea, Coffee, Morning, Newspaper,

MIQNC     Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, Modern,

MNEET     Satellite, Space, Vacuum, Alien,

MONTT     Showers, Monsoon, Raincoat, Wet,

NGAIN     Carbon, Coal, Diamond, Graphite,

NGBWN     Nymph, Owlet, Duckling, Fawn, Cub,

NIROS     Dinosaur, Meteors, Extinction,

NMCLV     Lantern, Padlock, Medieval, Old,

NOSKR     Stinger, Tusk, Fangs, Claws, Horn,

NPLIW     Crayon, Pastel, Pencil, Oil, Draw,

NSAGE     Box, Carton, Container, Storage,

NSRNX     Cotton, Pod, Textiles, Yarn, Mill,

NUNTO     Strain, Tension, Burden, Effort,

OIKAD     Dojo, Judo, Karate, Kendo, Aikido,

PATRE     Blonde, Albino, Fair, Light, Pale,

PDPUS     Salsa, Mustard, Ketchup, Pepper,

PJZRP     Rock, Metal, Grunge, Pop, Jazz, Rap,

PNYRS     Slippers, Glass, Pumpkin, Fairy,

POHWT     Scarecrow, Field, Crop, Harvest,

PSNTE     Alphabet, Word, Sentence, Prose,

PTOAS     Party, Toast, Bash, Celebration,

PWHFS     Switch, Toggle, Swap, Flip, Shift,

RAEPH     Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Rhino, Panda,

RALTJ     Lotto, Jackpot, Bonanza, Raffle,

RDREP     Newspaper, Magazine, Read, Text,

REAHS     Razor, Scissor, Foam, Comb, Shave,

RELEE     Cucumber, Squash, Lettuce, Beet,

RICTT     Lawyer, Jury, Verdict, Sentence,

RINOS     Lollipop, Scones, Honey, Spring,

RKLRS     Gleam, Shimmer, Sparkle, Luster,

ROAAS     Upstairs, Attic, Backyard, Roof,

RORTD     Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Horror,

RRLXN     Salon, Manicure, Massage, Relax,

RSAMS     Sonnet, Ballad, Song, Verse, Poem,

RSSOW     Feathers, Scales, Skin, Fur, Wool,

RTPTR     Plane, Kite, Rocket, Helicopter,

SABHD     Elk, Antlers, Hoof, Habitat, Wild,

SDHON     Domain, Topic, Branch, Field, Set,

SEBRD     Knife, Axe, Scythe, Blade, Dagger,

SEINS     Mall, Things, Purchase, Fashion,

SEOHA     Magma, Igneous, Active, Lava, Hot,

SITUL     Oxfords, Bowtie, Collar, Button,

SLPDV     Asteroid, Volatile, Sun, Planet,

SPARL     Arts, History, Algebra, Physics,

SREIC     Overbite, Incisors, Root, Canal,

TBYNE     Tiara, Sash, Beauty, Queen, Smile,

TEIRA     Twinkle, Spark, Bright, Radiate,

THTCA     Paint, Sculpt, Write, Act, Sketch,

TMXLC     Cube, Theorem, Matrix, Calculus,

TPOYC     Cemetery, Catacomb, Tomb, Crypt,

TRCRE     Robot, Logic, Program, Computer,

TRGLM     Rabbit, Squirrel, Mouse, Gopher,

TRNCN     Flamingo, Parrot, Pigeon, Crane,

TTNEG     Moss, Gathers, Rolling, Stone, No,

TTOFR     Tempest, Squall, Tornado, Furor,

TTSNH     Quench, Drink, Lemonade, Thirst,

TUQIE     Malaria, Female, Mosquito, Bite,

UDEMT     Descend, Tumble, Slump, Plummet,

UTHON     Wizard, Dragon, Unicorn, Wraith,

UURRY     Sky, Blueberry, Sapphire, Smurf,

WASLK     Wash, Knob, Towel, Bath, Soap, Wipe,

XABYR     Paradox, Enigma, Absurd, Oddity,

XFLGA     Book, Bag, Oval, Box, Bolt, Log, Fold,

YDMCR     Jam, Spread, Butter, Honey, Juice,

YDSNE     Solar, Wind, Green, Energy, Clean,

YERET     Ghost, Mystery, Whisper, Danger,

YFBED     Round, Caddy, Golf, Bogey, Birdie,

YNFGR     Case, Felony, Trial, Judge, Right,

YTRRR     Gravity, Moon, Rocket, Orbit, Air,

YTSRO     Infinity, Error, Division, Zero,

Word Trek 4×4 Answers

Word Trek

Here you can find all your Word Trek 4x4 answers, cheats, and solutions. Word Trek is a new and fun game by Playsimple. If you like crosswords, Sudoku, and Boggle, then you are going to LOVE this game. It starts off easy, but quickly becomes harder. If you are having any trouble, then checkout this page to get all your hint needs.

Here you can find all the answers for raccoon, sheep, penguin, sea lion, chicken, ostrich, koala bear, panda, goat, deer, polar bear, and kangaroo.



Word Trek randomizes levels for each player. To find your answers locate the first row of your puzzle.

A D F S ------ >  ADFS




Levels are ordered alphabetically.

AIRF     Femur, Tibia, Fibula,

ALFA     Mocha, Coffee, Latte,

AMLS     Crown, Enamel, Floss,

AYNE     Necklace, Birthday,

AYSS     Cassava, Yam, Squash,

BEBY     Diaper, Bottle, Baby,

BLEL     Bullet, Ladder, Blow,

BNGY     Gloves, Bag, Keyring,

BRLT     Swirl, Twist, Billow,

BTET     Bullet, Sock, Bottle,

CCHC     Launch, Brick, Socks,

CENV     Chocolate, Vanilla,

CERE     Flour, Egg, Oven, Cake,

CEZT     Trapeze, Clown, Tent,

CFFL     Necktie, Cufflinks,

CHNT     Lion, Tiger, Cheetah,

CNOE     Angle, Window, Crown,

CPHT     Shoelace, Ghost, Cup,

CRSL     Collar, Sleeve, Cuff,

DAIP     Happy, Sad, Silly, Mad,

DCIL     Rabid, Infected, Ill,

DIUM     Pyramid, Mummy, Sand,

DMOM     Road, From, Mountain,

DRWS     Chainsaw, Axe, Drill,

EARD     Beanie, Head, Fedora,

EBNR     Bandit, Gun, Robbery,

EINR     Movie, Star, Popcorn,

EKNG     Snake, Goose, Donkey,

ELIR     Snake, Fang, Reptile,

ENEE     Cake, Fudge, Brownie,

ENIL     Medicine, Football,

ENTB     Book, Student, Learn,

ENTR     Wonder, Land, Rabbit,

EROA     Koala, Kangaroo, Emu,

ESEJ     Jack, Ace, Club, Spade,

ESOK     Kite, Albatross, Emu,

ESSE     Rocket, Space, Smoke,

ETIC     Block, Brick, Helmet,

EWNT     Joke, Clown, Tickles,

EZMR     Slumber, Nap, Snooze,

FAEN     Flora, Fauna, Nature,

FEDE     Sheriff, West, Badge,

FEDN     Sword, Knife, Needle,

FEME     Smoke, Chimney, Fire,

FMOG     Bride, Groom, Family,

FSER     Burger, Pizza, Fries,

GEPH     Nom, Porridge, Chomp,

HAUR     Sundial, Hour, Watch,

HCLE     Pitch, Hit, Home, Ball,

HENE     Cure, Medicine, Heal,

HIAC     Brush, Paint, Canvas,

HLBA     Mascara, Blush, Kohl,

HNKS     Stink, Skunk, Stench,

IALE     Aerial, Signal, Wire,

IEPL     Work, Office, Laptop,

INEL     Seal, Dolphin, Whale,

IROE     Cupid, Lovebug, Rose,

JRTS     Jazz, Blues, Country,

KAHR     Beak, Wings, Feather,

KCDB     Stone, Boulder, Rock,

KECK     Polka, Stripe, Check,

KLBK     Bagpipes, Kilt, Dirk,

KORY     Library, Quiet, Book,

KRRC     Bank, Teller, Credit,

LART     Castle, Palace, Fort,

LHAY     School, Recess, Play,

LLES     Cactus, Eagle, Label,

LMRB     Taxi, Limo, Cab, Drive,

LRON     Pearl, Ruby, Diamond,

LTIE     Lily, Tulip, Jasmine,

MCRS     Soda, Popcorn, Movie,

MEKV     Cream, Cake, Vanilla,

MIEK     Tsunami, Quake, Lava,

NDES     Ground, Quake, Shake,

NDYN     Crony, Buddy, Friend,

NIKO     Okra, Zucchini, Leek,

NTNS     Button, Shirt, Pants,

NURH     Violin, Harp, Guitar,

NWHK     Pen, Paper, Homework,

OALR     Paper, Fold, Origami,

ODMA     Ballet, Disco, Zumba,

ONIA     Japan, Anime, Kimono,

ONOO     Taco, Burrito, Nacho,

OYAS     Cardio, Squats, Yoga,

PAMX     Jukebox, Music, Play,

PAYC     Owl, Gap, Shirt, Yacht,

PBEK     Palm, Drink, Rope, Bed,

PEDG     Blue, Green, Red, Pink,

PEOR     Envelope, Tug, Robot,

PERG     Cherry, Apple, Grape,

PGLC     Igloo, Polar, Arctic,

PHAH     Period, Hyphen, Dash,

PKWA     Straw, Key, Steak, Pie,

PTNA     Pine, Walnut, Almond,

RAWE     Timber, Turtle, Swan,

RCER     Opera, Music, Singer,

RDTL     Clam, Lobster, Squid,

REOC     Eel, Crocodile, Frog,

RETE     Engine, Ride, Helmet,

RSRC     Pi, Radius, Cylinder,

RYDD     Ivory, Diamond, Gold,

SDEO     Bronze, Gold, Silver,

SELB     Honey, Ball, Cookies,

SELY     Trophy, Books, Shelf,

SHLT     Shovel, Plough, Till,

SRTS     Upstairs, Trousers,

SUDS     Cactus, Mirage, Sand,

TCDT     First, Second, Third,

TDOE     Wind, Bass, Trombone,

TEQR     Deuce, Love, Racquet,

TFOT     Ticket, Tow, Traffic,

TING     Gift, Stocking, Snow,

TLGE     Pillage, Booty, Loot,

TROP     Turnip, Carrot, Root,

TSOY     Amethyst, Opal, Ruby,

TUGW     Sprint, Jog, Walk, Run,

WSES     Surf, Browse, Glance,

WSKR     Summer, Bikini, Swim,

YEOE     Scurvy, Lime, Orange,

YJOE     Horse, Derby, Jockey,

Word Trek 3×3 Answers

Word Trek

Here you can find all your Word Trek 3x3 answers, cheats, and solutions. Word Trek is a new and fun game by Playsimple. If you like crosswords, Sudoku, and Boggle, then you are going to LOVE this game. It starts off easy, but quickly becomes harder. If you are having any trouble, then checkout this page to get all your hint needs.

Here you can find all the answers for amoeba, earthworm, spider, caterpillar, butterfly, ant, honeybee, beetle, starfish, snail, crab, goldfish, frog, dinosaur, turtle, crocodile, snake, owl, chipmunk, and rabbit.



Word Trek randomizes levels for each player. To find your answers locate the first row of your puzzle.

A D F  ------ >  ADF



Levels are ordered alphabetically.

AAN     Sauna, Aqua,

ABE     Crime, Bail,

AGE     Wire, Gauze,

AIN     Brain, Left,

ALN     Aisle, Lane,

ALO     Straw, Cola,

ANG     Angel, Fish,

ANS     Tuna, Steak,

AWK     Quick, Draw,

BGB     Bunny, Bugs,

BID     Rabid, Wolf,

BIR     Bird, Wings,

BKY     Happy, Book,

BLE     Blue,

BLE     Pop, Bubble,

BLO     Bulb, Onion,

BOT     Brazen, Pot,

CAS     Brief, Case,

CEA     Cake,

CHI     Chill, Wind,

CIC     Spicy, Rice,

CKC     Coal, Black,

CLE     Icy, Cooler,

COM     Cream, Soap,

CRS     Car, Screen,

CTP     Coat, Paint,

CUA     Action, Cut,

DAR     Clear, Dice,

DCB     Spade, Club,

DOS     Food, Spicy,

DSS     Grass, Wild,

DTH     Mad, Hatter,

DUD     Dark, Cloud,

DUN     Cloud, Nine,

EAC     Tea, Coffee,

EAE     Mince, Meat,

EDF     Fists, Wide,

EEF     Beef, Bacon,

EEM     Media, Free,

EFI     Knife, Shot,

EGM     Large, Mass,

EHT     Bite, Teeth,

EIH     Harp, Pixie,

ELW     Spin, Wheel,

EOB     Black, Hole,

ERE     Clue, Trace,

ERR     River, Raft,

ESA     Stair, Case,

EUB     Brute, Bull,

EUY     Empty, Drum,

EVE     Ever, Green,

EZZ     Dame, Dizzy,

FAS     Nails, File,

FCE     Fraud, Case,

FEH     Fiery, Heat,

FRD     Feast, Card,

FRE     Hoe, Farmer,

FRR     Offer, Form,

FSE     Love, First,

FTN     Foot, Print,

GCL     Song, Lyric,

GDO     Gold,

GHT     Bull, Fight,

GIT     Left, Right,

GUR     Squid, Girl,

HAI     Hail, Storm,

HIT     Shy, Piglet,

HTF     Light, Foot,

HUK     Earth, Luck,

HUR     Queer, Fish,

ICN     Sail, Ocean,

IEM     Idiom, Verb,

ILF     Edge, Cliff,

IML     Genie, Lamp,

IUB     Liquid, Pub,

KAD     Ghost, Dark,

KCI     Chop, Stick,

KDB     Blood, Bank,

KHI     Sake, Sushi,

KIR     Paper, Kite,

KNT     Wake, Trunk,

KZZ     Look, Fuzzy,

LAZ     Lazy, Ninja,

LCV     Well, Voice,

LDW     Final, Wind,

LEF     Batch, File,

LFR     Error, Fail,

LIM     Snail, Mail,

LOH     Holly, Hock,

LOP     Dial, Phone,

LOV     Song, Vocal,

LRE     Livid, Rage,

LTE     Large, Tree,

MAG     Rogue, Mage,

MEA     Star, Movie,

MIF     Merry, Fair,

MNL     Melon, Musk,

MNT     Quaint, Man,

MOO     Moon, Light,

MUF     Muffin, Eat,

MUH     Lunch, Menu,

NEN     Pen, Needle,

NEY     Money, Fund,

NLN     Lotion, Tan,

NNG     Zen, Garden,

NOD     Piston, Rod,

NOS     Poison, Ivy,

NPP     News, Paper,

NSE     Shoe, Shine,

OCC     Hook, Catch,

OCE     Surf, Ocean,

OEO     Soot, Smoke,

OER     Lemon, Race,

OLT     Raft, Float,

ONR     Piano, Riff,

OOB     Yo, Boombox,

OOU     Spoon, Soup,

OSE     Dune, Oasis,

PAH     Quip, Laugh,

PEG     Page,

PER     Plug, Water,

PHA     Soda, Punch,

PHT     Tune, Pitch,

PNE     Paw, Feline,

POY     Toy, Poodle,

PRP     Pulp, Paper,

QAY     Quirky, Art,

QIB     Quick, Buck,

QUA     Quark, Coin,

RAZ     Razor, Edge,

RBN     Ration, Buy,

RBT     Toe, Rubber,

RCW     Cork, Screw,

RDU     By, Product,

REA     Boat, Stern,

RET     Heart, Beat,

RET     Pirate, Map,

RLI     Alien, Race,

ROD     Door,

RTD     Cover, Dart,

RTW     Elk, Winter,

RUS     Rock, Music,

SCT     Act, Script,

SDI     Dime, Deals,

SEE     Sea, Voyage,

SEN     Oxygen, Gas,

SEZ     Gaze, Stars,

SHE     Hot, Shower,

SHS     Snake, Hiss,

SIE     Slip, Slide,

SIE     Slope, Skis,

SKA     Snow, Flake,

SLI     Sails, Ahoy,

SLM     Oats, Maple,

SOG     Song,

SQE     Quill, Stem,

SQU     Squat, Lift,

SRE     Evil, Smirk,

SRE     Shoe, Horse,

SRT     Game, Sport,

SRT     Water, Moss,

SSH     Chips, Fish,

STA     Blew, Steam,

SUY     Dry, Cactus,

SWK     Husk, Straw,

SWN     Selfie, Own,

TAH     South, East,

TEP     Pixie, Dust,

TET     Wet, Turtle,

TGN     Tent, Night,

TIG     Tight, Rope,

TIY     Yoga, Twist,

TOA     Boat,

TOR     Raw, Carrot,

TOS     Dart, Scoot,

TPR     Twerp, Twit,

TRN     Twist, Turn,

TSA     Last,

TSF     Mint, Fresh,

TYE     Crypt, Code,

TYT     Hefty, Tall,

UMN     Fly, Nimbus,

UQK     Bird, Quack,

UST     Joust, Game,

VEO     Love,

VOS     Worm, Virus,

WEF     Elbow, Fire,

WEN     North, West,

WLS     Glass, Wool,

WOF     Flow,

XAZ     Crazy, Taxi,

YAH     On, Holiday,

YAK     Kayak, Rock,

YEU     Up, Chimney,

YGF     Unity, Flag,

YNT     Cycle, Tiny,

YRO     Harbor, Bay,

YSH     Jelly, Fish,

YTR     Sky, Rocket,

ZOR     Zoo, Keeper,