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Word Trek

Here you can find all your Word Trek 4x4 answers, cheats, and solutions. Word Trek is a new and fun game by Playsimple. If you like crosswords, Sudoku, and Boggle, then you are going to LOVE this game. It starts off easy, but quickly becomes harder. If you are having any trouble, then checkout this page to get all your hint needs.

Here you can find all the answers for raccoon, sheep, penguin, sea lion, chicken, ostrich, koala bear, panda, goat, deer, polar bear, and kangaroo.



Word Trek randomizes levels for each player. To find your answers locate the first row of your puzzle.

A D F S ------ >  ADFS




Levels are ordered alphabetically.

AIRF     Femur, Tibia, Fibula,

ALFA     Mocha, Coffee, Latte,

AMLS     Crown, Enamel, Floss,

AYNE     Necklace, Birthday,

AYSS     Cassava, Yam, Squash,

BEBY     Diaper, Bottle, Baby,

BLEL     Bullet, Ladder, Blow,

BNGY     Gloves, Bag, Keyring,

BRLT     Swirl, Twist, Billow,

BTET     Bullet, Sock, Bottle,

CCHC     Launch, Brick, Socks,

CENV     Chocolate, Vanilla,

CERE     Flour, Egg, Oven, Cake,

CEZT     Trapeze, Clown, Tent,

CFFL     Necktie, Cufflinks,

CHNT     Lion, Tiger, Cheetah,

CNOE     Angle, Window, Crown,

CPHT     Shoelace, Ghost, Cup,

CRSL     Collar, Sleeve, Cuff,

DAIP     Happy, Sad, Silly, Mad,

DCIL     Rabid, Infected, Ill,

DIUM     Pyramid, Mummy, Sand,

DMOM     Road, From, Mountain,

DRWS     Chainsaw, Axe, Drill,

EARD     Beanie, Head, Fedora,

EBNR     Bandit, Gun, Robbery,

EINR     Movie, Star, Popcorn,

EKNG     Snake, Goose, Donkey,

ELIR     Snake, Fang, Reptile,

ENEE     Cake, Fudge, Brownie,

ENIL     Medicine, Football,

ENTB     Book, Student, Learn,

ENTR     Wonder, Land, Rabbit,

EROA     Koala, Kangaroo, Emu,

ESEJ     Jack, Ace, Club, Spade,

ESOK     Kite, Albatross, Emu,

ESSE     Rocket, Space, Smoke,

ETIC     Block, Brick, Helmet,

EWNT     Joke, Clown, Tickles,

EZMR     Slumber, Nap, Snooze,

FAEN     Flora, Fauna, Nature,

FEDE     Sheriff, West, Badge,

FEDN     Sword, Knife, Needle,

FEME     Smoke, Chimney, Fire,

FMOG     Bride, Groom, Family,

FSER     Burger, Pizza, Fries,

GEPH     Nom, Porridge, Chomp,

HAUR     Sundial, Hour, Watch,

HCLE     Pitch, Hit, Home, Ball,

HENE     Cure, Medicine, Heal,

HIAC     Brush, Paint, Canvas,

HLBA     Mascara, Blush, Kohl,

HNKS     Stink, Skunk, Stench,

IALE     Aerial, Signal, Wire,

IEPL     Work, Office, Laptop,

INEL     Seal, Dolphin, Whale,

IROE     Cupid, Lovebug, Rose,

JRTS     Jazz, Blues, Country,

KAHR     Beak, Wings, Feather,

KCDB     Stone, Boulder, Rock,

KECK     Polka, Stripe, Check,

KLBK     Bagpipes, Kilt, Dirk,

KORY     Library, Quiet, Book,

KRRC     Bank, Teller, Credit,

LART     Castle, Palace, Fort,

LHAY     School, Recess, Play,

LLES     Cactus, Eagle, Label,

LMRB     Taxi, Limo, Cab, Drive,

LRON     Pearl, Ruby, Diamond,

LTIE     Lily, Tulip, Jasmine,

MCRS     Soda, Popcorn, Movie,

MEKV     Cream, Cake, Vanilla,

MIEK     Tsunami, Quake, Lava,

NDES     Ground, Quake, Shake,

NDYN     Crony, Buddy, Friend,

NIKO     Okra, Zucchini, Leek,

NTNS     Button, Shirt, Pants,

NURH     Violin, Harp, Guitar,

NWHK     Pen, Paper, Homework,

OALR     Paper, Fold, Origami,

ODMA     Ballet, Disco, Zumba,

ONIA     Japan, Anime, Kimono,

ONOO     Taco, Burrito, Nacho,

OYAS     Cardio, Squats, Yoga,

PAMX     Jukebox, Music, Play,

PAYC     Owl, Gap, Shirt, Yacht,

PBEK     Palm, Drink, Rope, Bed,

PEDG     Blue, Green, Red, Pink,

PEOR     Envelope, Tug, Robot,

PERG     Cherry, Apple, Grape,

PGLC     Igloo, Polar, Arctic,

PHAH     Period, Hyphen, Dash,

PKWA     Straw, Key, Steak, Pie,

PTNA     Pine, Walnut, Almond,

RAWE     Timber, Turtle, Swan,

RCER     Opera, Music, Singer,

RDTL     Clam, Lobster, Squid,

REOC     Eel, Crocodile, Frog,

RETE     Engine, Ride, Helmet,

RSRC     Pi, Radius, Cylinder,

RYDD     Ivory, Diamond, Gold,

SDEO     Bronze, Gold, Silver,

SELB     Honey, Ball, Cookies,

SELY     Trophy, Books, Shelf,

SHLT     Shovel, Plough, Till,

SRTS     Upstairs, Trousers,

SUDS     Cactus, Mirage, Sand,

TCDT     First, Second, Third,

TDOE     Wind, Bass, Trombone,

TEQR     Deuce, Love, Racquet,

TFOT     Ticket, Tow, Traffic,

TING     Gift, Stocking, Snow,

TLGE     Pillage, Booty, Loot,

TROP     Turnip, Carrot, Root,

TSOY     Amethyst, Opal, Ruby,

TUGW     Sprint, Jog, Walk, Run,

WSES     Surf, Browse, Glance,

WSKR     Summer, Bikini, Swim,

YEOE     Scurvy, Lime, Orange,

YJOE     Horse, Derby, Jockey,

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  1. Cannot find answers to FLORA Level on the word trek answer page. It’s first line is COYS. It says there is no answer found. How can you get to the next level????

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