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Word Trek

Here you can find all your Word Trek 5x5 answers, cheats, and solutions. Word Trek is a new and fun game by Playsimple. If you like crosswords, Sudoku, and Boggle, then you are going to LOVE this game. It starts off easy, but quickly becomes harder. If you are having any trouble, then checkout this page to get all your hint needs.

Here you can find all the answers for giraffe, cow, horse, donkey, rat, cat, lion, tiger, falcon, pigeon, crow, and parrot.


Word Trek randomizes levels for each player. To find your answers locate the first row of your puzzle.

A D F S W ------ >  ADFSW



Levels are ordered alphabetically.



ACKBL     Panda, Bamboo, Black, White, Wild,

ADLGB     Squad, Wing, Battalion, Brigade,

AEELK     Smart, Agile, Slick, Nimble, Keen,

AICHT     Silo, Trench, Tower, Store, Grain,

AKELE     Pancake, Bacon, Omelette, Juice,

AMNON     Idea, Spark, Flash, Notion, Dream,

ANCOB     Cannon, Bazooka, Catapult, Bomb,

ASOTB     Fig, Potato, Mushroom, Beetroot,

BEIUK     Nunchaku, Knife, Spear, Gun, Club,

BHSNE     Scrub, Bleach, Sparkle, Cleanse,

BOKDG     Peak, Climb, Mountain, Gradient,

BRIGP     Cabbage, Beet, Broccoli, Fig, Pea,

BUEOE     Ant, Beetle, Spider, Bug, Moth, Bee,

CEAPO     Father, Ancestor, Sire, Pop, Papa,

CRAOK     Priest, Monk, Cleric, Friar, Lama,

CREEP     Marker, Pen, Compass, Glue, Paper,

DAFRR     Chair, Table, Sofa, Shelf, Drawer,

DRDNE     Sword, Machete, Bayonet, Dagger,

EANAF     Scarf, Pashmina, Wool, Goat, Rare,

EDENR     Turn, Chance, Board, Dice, Winner,

EEEKP     Shark, Otter, Manatee, Porpoise,

EEQHN     Train, Queue, Chain, Series, Line,

EETTE     Knight, Horse, Mace, Lance, Joust,

EICER     Bizarre, Odd, Weird, Comic, Queer,

EIRBT     Note, Memo, Jotter, Quire, Tablet,

EMCKE     Cigarette, Match, Smoke, Cancer,

EMEDE     Strike, Enemy, Missile, Explode,

EMLED     Pot, Kettle, Stove, Steam, Dinner,

EPEVR     Corsair, Plunder, Pirate, Rover,

ERITR     Dog, Cat, Hamster, Spider, Turtle,

ERLME     Letter, Postcard, Mail, Message,

ESNRC     Farm, Chicken, Horse, Ranch, Barn,

ESRMO     Turquoise, Mineral, Gem, Opaque,

ETEES     Ripple, Gurgle, Splash, Trickle,

FDRNE     Canoe, Cabin, Lighter, Firewood,

HCROM     Pharaoh, Czar, Monarch, Emperor,

HEMSE     Edamame, Butter, Hummus, Cheese,

HNAKO     Torch, Padlock, Shoes, Bag, Chain,

HWEIN     Spook, Zombie, Brain, Halloween,

ICTNR     Memento, Reminder, Crest, Relic,

IOKEI     Shack, House, Condo, Igloo, Cabin,

ITOSL     Biscuit, Wheat, Digest, Oatmeal,

KLPNI     Cub, Calf, Piglet, Pup, Kitten, Kit,

KNTRB     Ace, Queen, Jack, King, Heart, Club,

KSTOR     Boiler, Oven, Heater, Kiln, Stove,

LANIR     Sandal, Shoe, Slipper, Moccasin,

LEOOR     Car, Wagon, Scooter, Motorcycle,

LETPE     Sickle, Curve, Reaper, Crescent,

LLKNG     Cricket, Swimming, Basketball,

MARCD     Clam, Squid, Snail, Lobster, Crab,

MGEEE     Tea, Coffee, Morning, Newspaper,

MIQNC     Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, Modern,

MNEET     Satellite, Space, Vacuum, Alien,

MONTT     Showers, Monsoon, Raincoat, Wet,

NGAIN     Carbon, Coal, Diamond, Graphite,

NGBWN     Nymph, Owlet, Duckling, Fawn, Cub,

NIROS     Dinosaur, Meteors, Extinction,

NMCLV     Lantern, Padlock, Medieval, Old,

NOSKR     Stinger, Tusk, Fangs, Claws, Horn,

NPLIW     Crayon, Pastel, Pencil, Oil, Draw,

NSAGE     Box, Carton, Container, Storage,

NSRNX     Cotton, Pod, Textiles, Yarn, Mill,

NUNTO     Strain, Tension, Burden, Effort,

OIKAD     Dojo, Judo, Karate, Kendo, Aikido,

PATRE     Blonde, Albino, Fair, Light, Pale,

PDPUS     Salsa, Mustard, Ketchup, Pepper,

PJZRP     Rock, Metal, Grunge, Pop, Jazz, Rap,

PNYRS     Slippers, Glass, Pumpkin, Fairy,

POHWT     Scarecrow, Field, Crop, Harvest,

PSNTE     Alphabet, Word, Sentence, Prose,

PTOAS     Party, Toast, Bash, Celebration,

PWHFS     Switch, Toggle, Swap, Flip, Shift,

RAEPH     Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Rhino, Panda,

RALTJ     Lotto, Jackpot, Bonanza, Raffle,

RDREP     Newspaper, Magazine, Read, Text,

REAHS     Razor, Scissor, Foam, Comb, Shave,

RELEE     Cucumber, Squash, Lettuce, Beet,

RICTT     Lawyer, Jury, Verdict, Sentence,

RINOS     Lollipop, Scones, Honey, Spring,

RKLRS     Gleam, Shimmer, Sparkle, Luster,

ROAAS     Upstairs, Attic, Backyard, Roof,

RORTD     Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Horror,

RRLXN     Salon, Manicure, Massage, Relax,

RSAMS     Sonnet, Ballad, Song, Verse, Poem,

RSSOW     Feathers, Scales, Skin, Fur, Wool,

RTPTR     Plane, Kite, Rocket, Helicopter,

SABHD     Elk, Antlers, Hoof, Habitat, Wild,

SDHON     Domain, Topic, Branch, Field, Set,

SEBRD     Knife, Axe, Scythe, Blade, Dagger,

SEINS     Mall, Things, Purchase, Fashion,

SEOHA     Magma, Igneous, Active, Lava, Hot,

SITUL     Oxfords, Bowtie, Collar, Button,

SLPDV     Asteroid, Volatile, Sun, Planet,

SPARL     Arts, History, Algebra, Physics,

SREIC     Overbite, Incisors, Root, Canal,

TBYNE     Tiara, Sash, Beauty, Queen, Smile,

TEIRA     Twinkle, Spark, Bright, Radiate,

THTCA     Paint, Sculpt, Write, Act, Sketch,

TMXLC     Cube, Theorem, Matrix, Calculus,

TPOYC     Cemetery, Catacomb, Tomb, Crypt,

TRCRE     Robot, Logic, Program, Computer,

TRGLM     Rabbit, Squirrel, Mouse, Gopher,

TRNCN     Flamingo, Parrot, Pigeon, Crane,

TTNEG     Moss, Gathers, Rolling, Stone, No,

TTOFR     Tempest, Squall, Tornado, Furor,

TTSNH     Quench, Drink, Lemonade, Thirst,

TUQIE     Malaria, Female, Mosquito, Bite,

UDEMT     Descend, Tumble, Slump, Plummet,

UTHON     Wizard, Dragon, Unicorn, Wraith,

UURRY     Sky, Blueberry, Sapphire, Smurf,

WASLK     Wash, Knob, Towel, Bath, Soap, Wipe,

XABYR     Paradox, Enigma, Absurd, Oddity,

XFLGA     Book, Bag, Oval, Box, Bolt, Log, Fold,

YDMCR     Jam, Spread, Butter, Honey, Juice,

YDSNE     Solar, Wind, Green, Energy, Clean,

YERET     Ghost, Mystery, Whisper, Danger,

YFBED     Round, Caddy, Golf, Bogey, Birdie,

YNFGR     Case, Felony, Trial, Judge, Right,

YTRRR     Gravity, Moon, Rocket, Orbit, Air,

YTSRO     Infinity, Error, Division, Zero,

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  1. hi I’m on Crow level 8….but seems these vary. Top is. TQENN. I have all the words but really –I’m sure there is a mistake in this one. There is no way it will work. It’s Chain, queue, series, train,line. Anyone else done this one ?

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